Teach your dog to heel with your arms coming down in front of your dog with your palm extended forward. You can then command your pet to stay by slowly extending your arm and hand straight down with palm flat landing right next to your pet ‘s nose without contact. If your dog tries to sniff your hand, you can try to stop your dog in a gentle way. Lastly, you can also teach your pet to come near you with your elbow bent and arms outstretched then move your arm to your chest.

Animal assisted therapy or pet therapy seems like a New Age concept, but it actually dates back to the 9th century. There are records from a little town in Belgium dating back to that time that indicate that livestock and farm animals kept at a group home for the disabled were used for therapy for the residents. Some things never change! The human-animal bond is often magical, and pet owners will tell you that their dogs, cats, horses and other four footed (or winged) friends can pull them out of an emotional slump, help them get over a bad breakup, or feel better when they have the flu.

The more authentic information about pet grooming you know, the more likely folks are to think of you a pet grooming expert. Read on for even more facts that you can share. Or perhaps think about taking this online dog grooming course to become even more knowlegable about pet grooming and care. We all know that basic dog grooming or kitty grooming is a unavoidable evil, but do we give our animals all that they deserve? Do we even know what kind of dog grooming supplies we need? Why own a pet at all if we aren’t going to cherish and care for it properly?

First you must slowly introduce the leash to your dog and also the collar if he has not been wearing one. A regular, flat buckle collar is all that you need. A choke collar is not necessary. Let your pet sniff them as you gently place them before him. Reward him with praise for his interest. Give a treat, if you plan to use treats with your training Slowly place the collar around his neck and once he becomes comfortable with that, attach the leash and let him drag it around the house. Praise him for his interest in using the leash and collar.

Currently, about 15 major carriers provide monthly incident reports to the DOT , which posts that information online. Under a proposed rule change, any airline with a plane that holds more than 60 seats would have to report pet-related incidents. While current reporting rules focus on pets traveling with their owners, the new rule would include incidents involving cats and dogs shipped by breeders. The DOT also may require airlines to list the total number of animals that were lost, injured or died during flights as well as the number of pets transported each year.

Pet therapy certification is offered by the Delta Society and other groups. Dogs and their handlers must demonstrate basic dog obedience training, and dogs must show they can behave around people in wheelchairs and other medical settings. During the certification test, the instructor may ask the dog and handler to demonstrate basic commands. The dog is then exposed to typical sights and sounds he may encounter in a therapeutic setting and evaluated on his behavior. You can take the test more than once, and testing is held at various places nationwide.

It is advisable to combine verbal command with hand signals to enhance your pet ‘s knowledge about it. They will soon respond to either verbal or hand signal once they learn to relate your hand signal with the desired action. If that happens, it would be easy for the owner to command his or her pet in any way the pet understands. Bear in mind that if you want your pet to impress you then help them enjoy the dog obedience training by giving your pet a treat or some praise that will inspire him to do a good work.

Now if you’ve got a show animal on the other hand it becomes a totally new ball game. But the basics are easy, wash, cut or brush, clip and flea control. If you’re the lazy type or merely do not have sufficient time to spend on this job it’s a straightforward matter of finding a mobile pet grooming company that will do the job for you. Or even a dog grooming school. Naturally you will need to pay more, but if having your animal look its best is important to you this is certainly a consideration.

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